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Adding a language selector


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For a recent site that I created I wanted to add a language selector. I had look around the internet to try and find a suitable solution, but i couldn't find any, so I developed my own. My finished solution seems to work perfectly for the site. if you want to add such a feature you can view my solution below.

This feature was created using php.

Here is the code for the buttons:-h

-form tag here
-an image input tag with a value of Italian linked to an Italian flag and a name tag of lang
-an image input tag with a value of German linked to an Italian flag and a tag name of lang
-an image input tag with a value of England linked to an England flag and a tag name of lang
-input type="hidden" name="submitted" value="true"

So I used flags for each of the buttons to represent the different countries. You will also need to add a value as i have done with the name of the country's language.

Next you will need to add the following code the top of each of your pages:-

if (isset($_POST['submitted'])) {
setcookie('language', $_POST['lang'], time()+604800);
header("Location: index.php");

if (isset($_COOKIE['language'])) {
$cookieText = $_COOKIE['language'];
} else {
$cookieText = "English";

include("text/" . $cookieText . ".php");

If this is the first time on the site then this code adds a cookie to the user's computer. It defaults the language to english. If one of the buttons is clicked then $_POST['submitted'] becomes true and then the users cookie gets updated with new value from the button. The language files come from a folder on the system called text. Inside here are several different php files. one for each language and each one is picked out depending on what the variable $cookieText is changed to.

In the 'text' folder pages, the following code is applied -

define('HOME_PAGE_MAIN', '

As a web des.

define('FREE_FRENCH_SITES_TITLE', 'Learn french the free way');

There are many.');
define('ADD_SITE_TITLE', 'Submit a suggestion');


And then you place the echo HOME_PAGE_MAIN . "
where you want to add the text.

You can see this action on my Connect French site. Even though as the time of writing i've only added two languages it's now very easy to add more.