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How files are backed up


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When I started Aspire Create I did a lot of research about backing up my files and keeping them safe. I'm going to run through my set up and possibly set up an information page on the site explaining more in depth about the different aspects, at some point.

The main computer in the office is a duel quad core Mac Pro. The operating system is on a 560GB drive. We use the built in Time machine mac application which periodically backs up files every 1 hour to a 2TB hard drive. This is good if we have problems with individual files but not if the hard drive would to break down. so, for this we have a another 1TB internal hard drive that gets a bootable back up of the main drive using CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner). This application backs up all items that have changed on the main hard drive. We carry out this function before any big operating system updates or client projects.

Old projects are stored on a 6TB mirrors RAID WD system. This means that all files are backed up twice automatically. I always keep a spare drive incase one should fail.

For transferring information from one computer to the next we use Dropbox. This is a brilliant application that uses cloud technology to back up files. If one computer makes a change then all computers will see the same change. Very useful.