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3D Exhibition Stand Design Visuals

Aspire Create can create for you an excellent way to present any form of 3D exhibition stand design visualto your client or customer.

This is the best way to view your exhibition stand design before any building takes place and we can create a to-scale 3D exhibition stand design visual. Once finalised we can also produced a more realistic rendered version of your 3D visual which will give the design stand a more life like appearance. This is great for presentations and pricing purposes.

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3D visual for Exhibition
Sketch-up 3D exhibition stand design visual
Rendered 3D exhibition design visual by 3D Strata Studio Pro

Video production & Photography

We have the video and photography production tools and software here to produce quality video and photography

The Camera we use is a Sony NEX-VG20. We also use professional lighting, high-quality sound equipment and the latest software.

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