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Aspire Create

Aspire Create is a small company based in Bristol providing companies and individuals with graphic design, website design, 3D exhibition stand design visuals and video for websites, DVDs and BluRay solutions. We can take briefs from the initial concept through to the end product. All research, design, programming, filming, photography, editing are done in-house. Only printing is outsourced but we have the experience dealing with various printing companies so we will find the best printer in terms of both price to keep the price at a low cost and high quality.

The Aspire Create company is a home based company which is run from a house based in Bristol. The owner and primary designer and developer is Jason Eyermann. Jason Eyermann was born in Bristol, UK in 1980 and finished his BA Honers Degree in 2002 after which he has had a successful career in several different graphic design / website design jobs before starting Aspire Create in 2012. We are still an early start-up but already have gained the support and trust of a number of new clients who are now using Aspire Create to help their business grow.

Website Skill Set:

Many 'website design' companies use either templates or content management systems to create their website but we will code your website direct from a design, therefore there are no limitations on the design and making sure that your site is unique among the many millions of sites on the web. We always keep up-to-date with the latest web coding practices. For any dynamic coding we use PHP and SQL.

We can also deal with other aspects, including email creation, social media, marketing, and search engine optimisation.

Application Knowledge:

Application knowledge is always kept up to date and we are constantly learning the newest applications once they have been released. Aspire Create use the following applications Photoshop extended CS6, Illustrator CS6, Flash CS6, After Effects CS6, Premiere CS6, inDesign CS6, Strata Studio pro CX 7.

Hardware set-up:

Our studio is made up using a series of the latest Apple Macintosh computers. For back-up we currently use different methods for making sure that if the worst should happen we have client's work backed-up. We use a mirrored Raid 6TB drive for backing up work once completed. This insures that your work is on at least 2 drives at any one time. If one disk drive should fail then we have only have to replace that drive and then add your files back onto that drive. We also back-up the main system bootable drive where all the work takes place at regular intervals. Therefore if the main drive should fail we can restart and reboot from our back-up drive.

We currently use a new camera Sony Nex-VG20 for filming BluRay quality video and for taking super high quality pictures. We also have a Green/Blue screen and a series of professional lighting set up for taking our video and photographs.

Other hardware includes high quality RODE and Sony microphones for hi-quality audio recording, teleprompter, video monitors and pen tablets for graphical work.

Video production & Photography

We have the video and photography production tools and software here to produce quality video and photography

The Camera we use is a Sony NEX-VG20. We also use professional lighting, high-quality sound equipment and the latest software.

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